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J.P. Alters is a first-time author who writes supernatural thriller books. Read on to learn about her work, learn a bit about J.P. and more! Sign up to the monthly newsletter to become part of her story, and to receive regular author updates and personal news. 

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Who Is J.P. Alters?

J.P. Alters is a writer passionate about supernatural fiction. Growing up as a bi-racial woman, in 80’s London, JP faced many challenges. Her experiences influenced her writing and led her to promote messages of unity and inclusion, inspired by the Bob Marley motto of “One Love.”

Her writing career kicked off with her debut novel, and original Book 1 of the exciting Mary Jameson supernatural thriller series: A Psychic Subterfuge.

This was followed by The Twisted Fates: Unearthly Lessons in Darkness, Psychic Voices (Book 1) and Psychic Training (Book 1.5.)

In 2022, JP released her debut novel A Psychic Subterfuge. Keen to learn and improve, she later revamped it, relaunching the book as Psychic Voices. This novel, the first in the Mary Jameson series, resonates with fans of the film Get Out, or readers of the authors: M. Scott Swanson, and John Connelly. JP continues to explore the human condition in her thrilling works, offering readers a truly captivating literary experience.

J.P. has three children and two jobs. She works as a mentor, and also works with a homeless charity. When she's not writing, she happily divides her time between these roles. 

*J.P. Alters' books are not for the faint hearted: trigger warnings abound!*

Copyright © 2022 J.P. Alters. All Rights Reserved.

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July 15th

Venture into the realm of the mysterious and macabre, with The Twisted Fates: Unearthly Lessons in Darkness, a heartwarming collection of supernatural and horror short stories that promise to both terrify and inspire.

From wolves in sheep’s clothing, to whispers in haunted halls, The Twisted Fates steers you to chilling and spellbinding landscapes. But, as the darkness envelops you, glimmers of redemption peek through. It is here, within this delicate balance, that the characters-and perhaps you dear readers-encounter revelations that challenge and uplift the spirit.

This collection is perfect for fans of The Twilight Zone or Cabinet of Horrors. It invites you to delve into a world where fear and wonder intertwine, and the supernatural is never far from the surface. So, if you dare, grab a warm blanket, and lose yourself in The Twisted Fates, but be warned… once you enter, there’s no turning back.

Check JP's book, and others like it, for FREE at:

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"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

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